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Julia, AL

Part of Julia's collection, amassed over 22 years at Cottonwood. 

Jennifer, MO

Jennifer is one of a quartet of women in the St. Louis area who periodically come stay at the casita and are long-time collectors. The wolf above is a sculpture that she made during a visit. Cathra-Anne glazed it and then fixed it to a piece of fossilized wood from the neighborhood.

Talenfelds, AZ

One of the Talenfelds is a furniture-maker and has exhibited with Cathra-Anne several times.  The Pomegranate Vase pairs nicely with the woodsy table.

The Sellings, PA
Antiquity Platter in The Sellings' collection
Richard Meyer's 20th Century Vase
Tulips Jar
Lekythos duo in situ

The Sellings met Richard at the Germantown Friends School Craft Show. His pots are very much a part of their homescape, enlisted for equal parts use and display.

Carolyn & Larry, TX
A collection of Cathra-Anne's pots including Mixed Veg Bowl and Eyes of Texas Teapot

A vibrant collage of paper, clay, wood and metal in the entrance of Carolyn and Larry's Texas home.

John & Mickey Yarberry, OK
Richard Meyer's Cappadocia Farms lamp and Grand Arches lamp and bowl
Umbria Oval vase and Sunflower bowl in the Yarberrys' kitchen

Accompanying John's kaleidoscope collection are Richard's Cappadocia Farms lamp, left, and Grand Arches bowl and lamps. Also pictured:  Richard's Umbria Oval Vase, Sunflower Bowl, and Buddha Oval Vase.

The O'Shaughnessys, OH
Large collaboration by Cathra-Anne Barker and Richard Meyer
Barker-Meyer collaboration in situ

The O'Shaughnessys have been visiting Cathra-Anne in Columbus since about 2009, and they were always interested in the largest piece. A couple of times they took one home and returned it because it wasn't big enough. Cathra-Anne figured if this piece didn't do it, she'd get them a stuffed elephant! Pictured here is the culmination of the Great Pot Hunt. This piece is a direct follow-up of the very large vase Cathra-Anne and Richard made for the Davises in Santa Barbara. In fact, the shape is from one of the sketches for that project . Very satisfying all around!

LaMese, CO
Barbara, MO
Barbara has been collecting Cathra-Anne's work for about 20 years

Cathra-Anne met Barbara in Texas years ago at Cottonwood. Barbara's collection represents maybe 20 years worth.

Irene Yu, TX
Cathra-Anne's Zinnia Jar in Irene Yu's home
Craig Carney, KS

Craig lives in Hayes, KS, and makes the 200-mile round trip to the Smoky Hill River Festival every June with his friend David, an equally serious collector.

Kate Flynn, MO
Cathra-Anne Barker's Backyard Birds Oval Vase in Kate Flynn's home

Cathra-Anne's Backyard Birds Oval Vase in the foreground. Kate was recently in Santa Fe with a St. Louis group for Indian Market -- they had a blast. The little round jar in the inset holds some of her mother's ashes.

Don, IN

Don started collecting around 2008 when he found Richard at a show in Chicago. To name a few (close-up view): Richard's Cappadocia Bowl (top right), Tulip platter (first on middle row), and Grand Arches Lekythos (second on bottom row); and Cathra-Anne's Scottish Thistle Vase (top left), Kimono Jar (third on middle row), and Mixed Veggie Platter (third on bottom row).

Don's collection of Barker and Meyer works
Don's collection includes Richard's Cappadocia Bowl and Cathra-Anne's Mixed Veggie Platter
Bryan, TX
Marian Klein, IA
Baby vases and jar by Cathra-Anne Barker

Bryan has a very nice collection of Cathra-Anne's baby pieces -- vases, jars and bowls. And the baby in the picture is Webb.

Vase by Cathra-Anne Barker in collector Marian Klein's home
Cathra-Anne's Sunflower Jar
Cathra-Anne's Yucca Platter
Cathra-Anne's Mixed Veg Jar
Cathra-Anne's Palmetto Bowl
Cathra-Anne's Three Ring Circus Vase

Each of Cathra-Anne's pots has its singular location in Marian's Iowa home.

Steve Betz, IA
Large Barker-Meyer collaboration with Great Plains motif
Cathra-Anne's Northwoods Vase, Yucca Jar, Gems of the Ocean Vase and Tulips Vase in Steve Betz's home
Cathra-Anne's Pomegranate Bowl in collector Steve Betz's home
Fish Tray by Cathra-Anne Barker from 1991
View of date and signature on back side (C. Barker '91)

Cathra-Anne's work lives throughout Steve's house in the good company of Weller pots and other fine works. In the first photo is a Barker-Meyer collaborative piece with Cathra-Anne's Great Plains design; in the second shot are Northwoods Vase, top, Sonora Jar, Gems of the Ocean Vase and Wreath of Tulips Vase; and in the third photo is a large Pomegranate Bowl. Last three photos: Fish Tray by Cathra-Anne from 1991!; and Mixed Veg Platter


Gary & Jeff, TX
Cathra-Anne's Kimono and Wetlands Jars as urns

Gary's mother and sister live on in Cathra-Anne's Kimono and Wetlands Jars.

Rona & Scott Elias, MD
Richard Meyer's Four Elements Orb in Rona and Scott's collection
Richard's Grand Arches Krater

Rona and Scott began collecting Richard's work when he was still doing shows out east. They have visited here in New Mexico and also shop on the website. Four Elements Orb (first photo) and Grand Arches Krater  are a couple of pieces in their collection.

Tracy Allard & Wayne Balla, TX
Cathra-Anne's Mixed Veggie Platter and Tray and Tomato Bowl
Mixed Veggie Jar
Cathra-Anne's Big Forest Floor Bowl in Tracy and Wayne's Texas home
More of Cathra-Anne's pieces

Cathra-Anne's work in its natural habitat at Tracy Allard & Wayne Balla's Dallas-Ft. Worth home. Mixed Veggies in the first two pictures; on the beautiful table in the third picture is Forest Floor Bowl, which the Ballas picked up at Cottonwood; and Dragonfly and Circus jars in the right photo. What a great touch, placing that Mixed Veggie Jar by the odd colored tile! The tomatoes concur.

Jan Thompson, WA
Porcelain piece by Cathra-Anne Barker from 1977
Scottish Thistle Platter and Basket Weave Seed Jar

The white planter with the fanciful designs (top photo) is one of Cathra-Anne's from 1977! It is made of porcelain, and the glazing technique is completely different from Cathra-Anne's current work. Jan got it at a shop in Washington some years ago and then got the two basket weave / thistle pieces (bottom photo) at the Bellevue Art Museum Show.

Sandy, TX
Among Cathra-Anne's pieces in Sandy's Texas home are Scottish Thistle and Palmetto vases
Gerald Cook, TX
Cathra-Anne's Gems of the Ocean and Dragonfly vases
Cathra-Anne's Kimono, Forest Floor, and Eyes of Texas Vases

Two suites of three of Cathra-Anne's work in Gerald's Houston home. First photo: Gems of the Ocean and Dragonfly vases -- Gerald said: "I am using the stand you gave me. It helps me see the man o’ war a bit better." Second photo, top to bottom: Kimono, Forest Floor and Texas vases.

Gary & Nita, KY
Richard and Cathra-Anne's work with Kentucky collectors Gary & Nita

Gary has been collecting Richard's work for some years at the St. James Court Art Fair. One year (before there was a barker-meyer web site, before he knew of Cathra-Anne), Gary mentioned that he had been at a gallery in Kansas City and bought a really beautiful piece made by a woman that he was pretty sure lived in Santa Fe! Of course, it turned out to be the piece Nita is holding -- a beautiful Bugs of Summer Jug by Cathra-Anne. Among Richard's work in the background are: Big Roman Bramble Jar, Big Greek Key Bowl just purchased last year, Venetian Hydria, Roman Pitcher and Medallion Orb.

Mary, TX
Mary has a sizable collection of Cathra-Anne's Forest Floor works
Scottish Thistle Teapot
Cathra-Anne's Spring Basket Vase

Part of Mary's Forest Floor collection (first photo), which began with a Forest Floor Vase she bought at Woodlands Art Festival. She asked if a large, flat companion piece was available. There was just such a thing on Cathra-Anne's bisque shelf, so she glazed a platter for her (not pictured) and fired it in the next load. Also in Mary's collection are Cathra-Anne's Scottish Thistle Teapot (second photo) and Spring Basket Vase (foliage courtesy Mary's sister).


Carolyn Lewis, TX
Cathra-Anne's work in Carolyn's Texas home

Carolyn is a longtime collector of Cathra-Anne's work. Pictured here is a nice grouping of dryland and open range themes, with the ever-popular armadillo on the left.

Rosemary and Gary, The Woodlands, TX
The Woodlands collectors
Mike and Sally Cunningham, TX
Cathra-Anne's I Love Italy! Jar
Cathra-Anne's work in Mike and Sally's Texas home

Mike and Sally live in Colleyville,TX, and have been collecting Cathra-Anne's work for over 30 years. The piece on the top shelf with the purple tulips draping down from the lid (third picture) is in fact a Cathra-Anne piece from 15 years ago. And there's I Love Italy! Jar in the first picture.


Poppy Vase in a triptych of Cathra-Anne pots
LeeAnn Morse, TX
An extensive collection of Cathra-Anne's work in LeeAnn's Texas home

LeeAnn's breakfront combines some antique pottery, assorted crystal and many of Cathra-Anne's pieces. She has done a fine job of arranging 85 pieces in a space for 80. She goes to see Cathra-Anne at Cottonwood twice a year, often helping her out with coats and rain gear and BBQ sandwiches!


Hardy Eason, TN
Cathra-Anne's work in Hardy's Tennessee home

Hardy Eason was working on the mantel end of his master bedroom, aiming for a natural, bountiful, love-of-earth feel. Cathra-Anne's Mixed Veggie jars large and small contribute to that end. Love the wall -- a little adobe, a little Italian villa -- yes, rich and calming and historical.

Lonnie & Mary Beth Wright, KY
An amphora by Richard in Lonnie & Mary Beth's Kentucky home
Lonnie and Mary Beth by their Richard Meyer lamp
 Giant Ewer from Richard's Antiquity series

Richard's pots in all the Wright places! Lonnie and Mary Beth started collecting Richard's work at the St. James Art Festival nine years ago -- the same festival Allison and Jeffrey (see below) attended.


The gorgeous amphora in the stand (first photo) is the very first Stand Amphora Richard ever took on the road to a show.


The giant ewer against the purple wall, which is over 30 inches tall, is from Richard's Antiquity series, and the amphora in the wall niche joined the Wrights' collection last year.

More of Richard Meyer's work
Longtime collectors in the Midwest
From Cathra-Anne's Thistle series
From Cathra-Anne's Lions and Laurel series
Works from Cathra-Anne's Artigras series in Ellen and John's Ohio home
From Richard's Greek Key series

Serious collectors of Cathra-Anne's work for many years. Top row from left: Artigras; Thistle; Poppies (Watson the cat has claimed the bowl in several locations, at times atop bananas); and Lions and Laurel pots. Bottom row: Zinnias in the spotlight; a deluxe collection of Richard’s work in a corner office with grand views.

Mark Okuno, CA
Works from the Zen series Richard was working on 16 years ago

Mark sent this picture, saying: "I have cherished four of your pieces for the past 15 years! [...] I thought you might like to see a picture of your works of 1993 which continue to bring great feeling to my house. ... Los Angeles has become such a frenetic place ... peaceful creations like yours become more and more important to maintaining sanity, so I am grateful to you." Thank you, Mark. These pieces of Richard's are from a Zen series he was working on in the early 90s back in San Diego, exploring an alternative to the raku work he'd been doing for eight years previously. They are the result of a pursuit of simplicity of form and design, and an interest in lithium and copper carbonate, which is what yielded the marvelous color and texture of the glaze.

Denise & John McGraw, CA
Cathra-Anne's Big Zinnia Bowl in Denise and John's home in California

John McGraw bought this piece in Scottsdale as a Valentine's gift for his wife, Denise. They live in a Spanish-style home in Southern California, and she thought to put this on a granite countertop. As it turned out, the bowl and the face tiles on the wall look like they were made for each other.


As Denise remarked, "It was meant to be."


Nancy & Elden, OH

The tall jar on the right is one of Cathra-Anne's first Forest Floors. It is accompanied by a more recent large Forest Floor plate and Oakwood Gem Jar.

Kathy Langston, KY
 Large Umbria Jar by Richard in Kathy's Kentucky home

This is Umbria Jar, and it measures about 30 x 14 inches.Whenever he's travelled to Louisville, Richard has imagined his work would sing in one of the many gorgeous Craftsman homes that line the downtown. Umbria Jar, which lives on Kathy Langston's bathroom hearth, confirms that inkling. Kathy bought this piece at Louisville's St. James Art Festival.

Judy & Andy Smithson, OH & FL
A bowl by Cathra-Anne's in Judy and Andy's collection in Ohio
Kimono Pitcher and Vase by Cathra-Anne
Works by Cathra-Anne Barker in Judy and Andy's Florida home
A platter from Cathra-Anne's Gems of the Ocean series

Andy wrote the following about Cathra-Anne's two Kimono pieces (second photo) they bought at the 4th Street Festival in Bloomington, IN, in August '08: "We look at them and discover and rediscover little nuances which made the pieces even more enjoyable. We understand the design influence of Japan and Kyoto and the magnificent weaving of the antique silk kimonos. We love your intuitive rendering of the interplay of the lining design with the fabric folds -- Super!" The last two shots are from the Smithsons' Florida home. The Poppies vase and two Sonora pieces are atop a glass table. The devil-may-care mix of patterns is an inspirational contrast to the shared color scheme.

Allison & Jeffrey, KY
Richard Meyer's work in Allison and Jeffrey's collection
Richard's work on Allison and Jeffrey's mantel
A bowl by Richard
Grand Arches Krater by Richard
Carved and glazed ceramic lamp by Richard
 Lekythos by Richard Meyer

Allison and Jeffrey, of Louisville, KY, bought their very first piece of Richard's work at the first St. James Art Fair Richard attended over a decade ago and have since continued to grow their collection (and the collections of their friends). A few years ago, they remodeled their living room with beautiful wood paneling and shelving, as seen above. The Amphora and Lekythos on either end of the mantel pair quite expertly with the hues of the brick around the fireplace. The Lekythos (sixth photo-- also on the mantel above) stands on a replacement foot. After it took a tumble and the original foot smashed into smithereens, Allison sent it to Richard, who ground off parts of the broken foot and threw a new one to match the angle of rest between the curve of the body and the new foot. The krater and lamp above came about in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

A bowl by Richard Meyer
Diane and Pete Kaluszyk, OH
 Cathra-Anne's Dragonfly Jar
Dew Drop Vase by Cathra-Anne
Artigras Vase by Cathra-Anne

Meet the wares of Diane and Pete Kaluszyk, from Columbus, OH. The granite in their newly remodeled kitchen (fourth picture) is a red variety -- unusual and very beautiful.


They bought the big jar you see on the granite counter and the little one at Winterfair and asked Cathra-Anne to make another different one to go in between. That red granite's quite the striking canvas for the plentiful yellow of the Tutu Jar in the middle.

Three different carved and glazed jars by Cathra-Anne in Diane and Pete's Ohio home
Dee and Al Meyer, CA

Yep, thee are Richard's parents. They live in San Mateo, in a beautiful condo full of artwork from all over the Far East. Maybe their style is Eclectic Asian. Even so, Richard's pieces fit perfectly. 

Works by Richard in Dee and Al Meyer's California home
Cathra-Anne's Rattan Square Teapot in Dee and Al's California home

Among the pieces on the buffet are Deco Amphora, far left, and Scarab Amphora, far right. If one goes to Greece and Egypt, this is what one gets. Also pictured is Cathra-Anne's Rattan Square Teapot.

Bill and Challa Patchett, WI
patchett 1.jpg
A collection of Cathra-Anne's pots
patchett 2.jpg
Patchetts III.jpg

Cathra-Anne's pots have been vying for real estate in Bill and Challa's Wisconsin home for at least 25 years ... they've been enjoying an even longer track record in the home of Bill's wonderful parents, John and Winnie Patchett. Let's just say we have a history!

Sue in Canaseraga, NY

Some of Richard and Cathra-Anne's pieces "in situ" in Sue's recently remodeled kitchen (and great room, where the kitty is).

Works by Richard and Cathra-Anne live throughout Sue's home
Cathra-Anne's Big Veggie Bowl
Richard's Trumpet Garden Seat in Sue's New York home

Pictured: Richard's Anatolian Tulip Teapot, Earl Grey Teapot and Trumpet Garden Seat, left; and Cathra-Anne's Mixed Veggie Bowl.

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