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Our studios are next to each other off the back of the giant garage which houses our three kilns, worktables, show supplies, tools and assorted garage flotsam. Cathra-Anne's work is high-fired, reduction stoneware and Richard's work is low-fired, oxidation pottery. This is somewhat surprising since we use the same clay body.


We each work alone - no employees. Our motto is: "Pick it up yourself". We throw, trim and finish our own work. We design, decorate and fire our own kiln loads.


Cathra-Anne's decorations are wax-resisted glaze with polychrome glaze washes; glazes made from scratch. Richard's pots are carved, embossed, smoothed and glaze-fired to cone 02.


We make our livings from sales at art festivals. We are each responsible for packing pots, loading vans and driving in the neighborhood of 35,000 miles per year (that's 70,000 for the two of us).


Oh, and even though we don't look alike, we've been together for over thirty years.

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